The power of one

When you work as a freelance writer, you quickly learn the secrets of flying solo.

At first it can be daunting. Let’s face it: there are things you give up when you go out on your own. Like being part of a team, having colleagues to cover your back, not to mention the perks of full-time employment – the comfort of knowing you will be paid at the end of the month.

Then there are the amazing upsides. There’s the satisfaction of bringing real value to a client who chooses you for their project. The focus and perspective you are able to provide while sitting on the outside. The opportunity to learn about different clients and connect with their culture. All while enjoying freedom from team meetings, office politics, and the ability to pick and choose who you go to lunch with.

Independence doesn’t come without its challenges. When you are accountable only to yourself, there are no excuses. And there are plenty of objectives. First and foremost, find work. Get it done. Get paid.

You have to learn to push yourself to your own limits and beyond. To set your sights on medium and long-term ambitions. To be your own mentor and inspire your team (me, myself and I) to excel on every job. To stay fresh, motivated, hungry.

It’s not always easy to keep that perspective.

But each year as a freelancer you grow a little more. You find your path, discover the things that work to keep you focused on your immediate objectives without losing sight of the bigger goals.

For me each new year begins with a theme. My theme for this year has inspired the title of this blog post: The power of one.

What does it mean? It’s all about optimizing. It’s important to set yourself goals but it’s not always easy to find the time to work towards them. When work pressures build, and you simply have to deliver that draft, it’s difficult to make time for  your personal goals.

Still, each and every day, it is possible to do one thing.

Take that first step towards a goal.

Make one small change.

Do one thing.

What will yours be?



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