What's the story behind Cognito?

You’re probably familiar with the expression ‘in cognito’. It means to hide one’s identity, to be anonymous. If you want your communication to be in cognito, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Cognito is based upon the belief that effective communication flows from identity. Whatever your business, wherever you are, you will not say the same thing in the same way as your competitor. You have a unique voice. It is the reflection of your brand.

There are so many voices competing for attention in our digital world that it doesn’t make sense to blend in with the crowd. If you want your message to be heard, you need to stand up and be counted.

Building a brand requires more than just words: it takes a solid strategy, a deep understanding of your market, cutting-edge graphic design. Copywriting is only one piece of the puzzle – but it’s a piece that can make all the difference in reaching your stakeholders.

You’d be surprised how many stories there are to be told about your business. The products you offer. The people who work with you. Your customers and partners. They all share an experience that is part of your brand.

Let Cognito help you tell the story.


Cognito Communication Consulting is owned and operated by M.E.Lewis (aka Mel), an independent writer and communication consultant based in the Lake Geneva area of Switzerland. More about M.E. Lewis

Cognito Communication Consulting

Mel Lewis, Owner and Chief Copywriter



“As a writer, words are my passion. With Cognito, I build upon each client’s identity to create concepts and copy that communicate key messages clearly and memorably.”