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  • Distraction-free mode

    Distraction-free mode

    Something beeped. It wasn’t my phone: no calls, no messages. Nor was it a desktop notification from my Mac – they’re mostly disabled anyway, and I’ve also muted all sound from my keyboard so as to enable distraction-free work. It could have been one of the smoke detectors, advising me that the battery needs replacing. […]

  • 5 things blogging has taught me

    5 things blogging has taught me

    I am a writer. Ever since I was old enough to hold a pen, I’ve used it to put my thoughts on paper. From telling stories to selling widgets — you name it, I’ve written it. As a writer who has honed her skills on just about every form of the art, I didn’t expect […]

  • What’s all the buzz about content?

    What’s all the buzz about content?

    Content is more than just another digital buzzword. Seems it’s just about all anybody talks about these days: content marketing, sticky content, how to write content that engages your audience. But what is content, anyway? And why is it such a big deal? There are different ways of defining content. As a student at university, […]