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  • Unfriendly skies

    This is a cautionary tale — about reputation, story and social media. The world loves a story. United Airlines’ misadventure in passenger ‘re-accommodation’ on a flight from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday is a reminder of what can go wrong when companies fail to remember that. If the world loves a story, the internet loves […]

  • The Moral of the Story

    The Moral of the Story

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t have missed the fact that storytelling is making headlines:   Harness the power of storytelling! How to use story to improve customer buy-in! Top storytelling techniques to build your business!   If you’re like me, you’ve wondered: why is it suddenly okay to tell stories? As […]

  • Can communication restore lost faith?

    Can communication restore lost faith?

     After a two-week strike by pilots that left both passengers and crew on the tarmac, Air France KLM is fighting hard to regain lost ground. But in the long haul, it will take more than a letter of apology to win back customers I’ve been flying between France and Canada for over twenty years. We […]

  • How to win the name game

    How to win the name game

    In my former job working in communications for Merck’s biopharma division, I struggled daily with the company name. Here’s the thing: I did not work for Merck & Co. — aka the American Merck, the bigger of the two and the one that 99% of people assume you mean when they hear the name. My […]

  • How to tell a compelling story

    How to tell a compelling story

    A story is the shortest distance between you and your audience. How can you make storytelling work for your business or brand? With the rise of social media, everyone with a smartphone has a picture to post, a point of view to blog about or a new link to share across the digital world. The […]