How can we support you?

Cognito will be pleased to partner with you on your next project. Here is an overview of the areas in which we can support you, from upstream strategy development down to word-perfect copy-editing.


You may want to consider a communication strategy that addresses your high-level objectives: launching a brand identity, building a customer base, creating a social media profile for your business or getting key messages across to employees. We can support you by developing a strategic plan and defining key messages to guide your communication. A strategic roadmap helps to keep everyone on the same page.


Need some fresh ideas for your next campaign? Want to capture your thoughts in a brainstorm session? Or perhaps you’d like us to develop copy and layouts for a customer brochure, information screen campaign or series of management meetings? With Cognito, you can be sure that your brightest ideas will come to life and work within the context of your brand or communication strategy.


The thing about writing is that everybody can do it (or thinks they can). Not to put too fine a point on it, copywriting is often the ‘poor cousin’ of communication campaigns. And sometimes the job of putting words on paper lands on the desk of the person who is least able to do it effectively. That’s where having a professional writer on your team can make all the difference. We’ll find the right words to get your message across. From first draft to final approval.


What’s all the buzz around content these days? And what’s the difference between content and traditional advertising? Content marketing is the driving force behind communication in the digital world. Content can be defined as any information you choose to share with your stakeholders – customers, partners, employees. We can add value by creating quality content that your audience really wants to consume – from stories to blogs – and making your brand messages ‘stick’ along the way.


Video is the ultimate storytelling medium. Scriptwriting requires an understanding of the video medium along with the right writing skills – for voiceovers, for example, you don’t say something the same way you would write it in print. Pictures combined with music can create a powerful storyline, but you still need a theme and a structure. Working hand in hand with video production specialists, we can develop the concept and script that brings your message to life.

Translate iconTranslation and editing

Ensuring that nothing gets lost in translation is as much art as science. It takes more than dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s – you need an understanding of context and audience. It also helps to be a native speaker. We can help ensure your French to English adaptations read as naturally in the target language as they do in the original. We also provide editing and rewriting of technical documents that need a writer’s touch.

How can we work together?

Working remotely or alongside your team, Cognito Communications strives to bring the expertise you need to each project. Sometimes the perspective of an outsider can be invaluable, enabling you to take a step back and reevaluate your approach. But for projects where you need the inside knowledge of a communicator who is part of a project team, we can also work with you in-house. Contact us for a quote!



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