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Message from the White House

As a communication professional I admire good PR regardless of creed or politics. So I’ve decided to share a letter that the Obama White House issued to address the government shutdown with U.S. federal employees. Simply because it provides, in my opinion, an example of good PR writing.

Why? Because it begins with an understanding of audience. Continues with an emphasis on the 3 most important letters in PR (“y-o-u”). Because it tells the truth (or contains factual information). Because it is true to its brand, with core messages throughout. Along with ample amounts of the secret ingredient of all good communication: emotion.

This letter is a case study of how to write a good piece of employee communication. To underline how it achieves this, I’ve annotated the letter with my own comments. I’ve also put on an imaginary professor’s cap and graded the paper.

Do you agree it deserves top marks?

Message from the White House from Cognito Communication Consulting





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