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  • The power of one

    The power of one

    Each day, it is possible to do one thing. Make a small change. Take that first step towards a goal. What will yours be?

  • What will you miss?

    What will you miss?

    “This is one thing I won’t miss!” said one of my clients the other day. We were going over the latest round of changes to a document she had asked me to draft. She may have been referring to the politics of approvals, a tendency by certain members of executive management to nitpick, too many […]

  • Distraction-free mode

    Distraction-free mode

    Something beeped. It wasn’t my phone: no calls, no messages. Nor was it a desktop notification from my Mac – they’re mostly disabled anyway, and I’ve also muted all sound from my keyboard so as to enable distraction-free work. It could have been one of the smoke detectors, advising me that the battery needs replacing. […]

  • Do you dare to ask?

    Do you dare to ask?

    What’s more important: knowing all the answers or asking the right questions? We live in a world where the value of questions is often underrated. As school children we are rewarded for knowing the right answers, not for asking the right questions. At a job interview, most people will worry about saying all the right […]